Other Legacy Documents

In addition to (or instead of) an ethical will, you can create other kinds of self-reflective documents that focus on specific topics or connect you to an intended reader.     

One possibility is to draft a set of letters to an individual recipient that can be opened and read at important milestones in his or her life. So, for example, you can write letters to a granddaughter for her to read when she graduates from college, gets married or has a first child. Each of those letters can express your love and blessings and share insights from similar moments in your own life.

You can also create legacy documents that convey your passions, interests or cherished memories. For example, you can preserve a favorite recipe and write about the occasions when you used it. You can write about a favorite piece of art or piece of jewelry. You can recall special people or important events from your own life and share those stories with future generations. 

As a Life Review Adviser, my role is to help you capture the stories you want to tell and help you find the right way to tell them.